Support line calls processing automation for ITSM systems.

Improvement the quality of customer services
Decreasing of processing time of calls
Freeing up the time of specialists and engineers


Web-service for automatic classification and routing of e-mails arriving on technical support line using various methods of machine learning. There is integration with various ITSM systems through the API.

Chat-bot for processing calls to the technical support line. The chat-bot automatically determines which operation it is necessary to perform to process the user's request and forward it to the right person in the process of interactive communication with users.

Expert system of the technical support «zero» line for finding solutions based on a set of symptom problems. The system finds the most probable solutions to problems based on the symptoms of the problem indicated in the user’s calls.

How it works

We use various algorithms of machine learning, including deep learning. There is integration mechanism with various ITSM systems of customers via API. The product is implemented as a web application and can be deploy on our cloud servers or customer's localc servers.

The product was introduced into OMK-Information Technologies LLC

About team

Our team consists of web and mobile programmers and machine learning specialists. We have a strong expertise in project management, web and mobile development and machine learning projects development. All our projects are here.

Our requisites: Technomedia, Russia, Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Vatutina str., 30
Director - Semenov Igor, Ph.D
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